ZEBRA HEAD wall decals


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  • ZEBRA HEAD wall decals
  • ZEBRA HEAD wall decals
  • ZEBRA HEAD wall decals

In the past, big game hunters would display the actual head of a zebra on their walls to show off their strength over poor, defenseless animals. Now you can have the exotic look of zebra stripes completely cruelty-free with this self-stick, removable wall decal. The high-contrast design adds interest and a trompe l’oeil effect to smooth, clean walls and other surfaces. You don’t have to journey to the tropics to enjoy the grace, beauty, and majesty of our four-hoofed friend the zebra.

• Zebra head wall decal
• Easy installation instructions
• Application tool • Practice/Sample decals

• Made out of high quality removable vinyl that is easy to install and looks as if it's painted on

• Washable and durable. Will not fade, crack or peel
• Decals can be used on most surfaces including some lightly textured (except grainy/sandy) please order a samples if you are unsure about your surface
• Removable, but not reusable, will not damage most walls (we can not guarantee all surfaces that might be old, damaged and/or improperly finished)
• Need a different size or a custom design? Contact us about pricing!
• Handmade with love in USA

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