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  • Dinosaur world Jurassic Park Black & Orange
  • Dinosaur world Jurassic Park Dark Green Lime
  • Dinosaur world Jurassic Park Brown BLue
  • Dinosaur world Jurassic Park vilet & orange
  • Dinosaur world Jurassic Park Brown Raspberry
  • Dinosaur world Jurassic Park Green Blue
  • Removable matte vinyl color chart
  • Dinosaur world Jurassic Park sizes

Rawrrrrrrr! That’s Dinosaur for “I Love You.” Everyday will be an adventure with these large Dinosaur wall decals. Included in this large set are all the thunder lizards you see on the image: Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, Pterodactyl, Ramphorhynchus. (It’s okay if you don’t know all the dino names – your kids will tell you.

To help you set the prehistoric scene, you will get a tall exotic tree and grass, you can place these as you please all on one wall or in different spots . Great for a nursery or any young paleontologist’s room. Made out of high quality removable vinyl that is easy to install and looks as if it's painted on. Individual sizes are noted on the last image.

• Dinosaur adventure wall decals
• Easy installation instructions
• Application tool • Practice/Sample decals

• Made out of high quality removable vinyl that is easy to install and looks as if it's painted on

• Washable and durable. Will not fade, crack or peel
• Decals can be used on most surfaces including some lightly textured (except grainy/sandy) please order a samples if you are unsure about your surface
• Removable, but not reusable, will not damage most walls (we can not guarantee all surfaces that might be old, damaged and/or improperly finished)
• Need a different size or a custom design? Contact us about pricing!
• Handmade with love in USA

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