KAIZEN - Japanese for GOOD CHANGE - Productivity Wall decals


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  • KAIZEN - Japanese for GOOD CHANGE - Productivity Wall decals
  • KAIZEN - Japanese for GOOD CHANGE - Productivity Wall decals black vinyl
  • Removable matte wall decals color chart

“Kaizen” means “good change,” and if you’re in business, government, health care, psychotherapy, or one of the many other fields that has borrowed the term from Japan, you know it applies to a process of continual improvement. Use these wall decals to remind yourself and those around you to strive for a lean, efficient process of doing whatever it is you do and that everyone, from the CEO to the housekeeping staff, can learn ways to improve every day. 

SIZES AVAILABLE (each symbol comes separated so it can be installed vertically or horizontally) 
13x28 inches (each symbol approx. 10x13 inches)
20x42 inches (each symbol approx. 14x19 inches)
27x58 inches (each symbol approx. 21x28 inches)

• KaiZen wall decals
• Easy installation instructions
• Application tool  • Practice decals

• Made out of high quality removable vinyl that is easy to install and looks as if it's painted on.

• Washable and durable. Will not fade, crack or peel
• Decals can be used on most surfaces including some lightly textured (except grainy/sandy) please order a sample if you are unsure about your surface
• Removable, but not reusable, will not damage most walls (we can not guarantee all surfaces that might be old, damaged and/or improperly finished)
• Need a different size or a custom design? Contact us about pricing!
• Handmade with love in USA

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